About Us

Respiratory Solutions Australia Pty Ltd is an Australian owned company and has been operating in Melbourne for over 20 years servicing all of Victoria.

It is our aim to provide Australian business’s with the most cost effective solutions, using only the highest quality equipment and components. Full further info on compressed air quality testing or full “turnkey” maintenance programs for your compressed air needs Please Contact Us today!

We install many different types of systems, some of which include Polypropylene and Polyethylene (PE) Pipes. These systems can be mechanically joined, and/or fusion welded.

Our Specialization

We specialise in programmed, preventative and breakdown maintenance of compressed air filtration systems, compressed air quality testing for breathing air purposes across all industries to ensure you meet local safety regulations and can trust what sometimes is your only link to the outside world!

We also specialize in fitting Stainless Steel and Aluminium systems to suit any requirements. Whether it is a small workshop, a large manufacturing plant or a simple Air Compressor upgrade, the team at Respiratory Solutions Australia are here to service your needs.

The team at Respiratory Solutions Australia offer a comprehensive range of quality products & services including compressor sales & installation, compressed air pipe systems including design & installation, inline air filtration products, compressed air receivers, leak detection/fault finding & repairs, air tools, refrigerated air dryers, airline hoses and compressed airline fittings, retractable hose reels, breathing apparatus (including Self Contained) maintenance of existing systems, site audits and much more.

Ganey Scroll Compressor

Air Compressors

For any industry that runs on compressed air, there’s an air compressor that will help you work more efficiently and keep overhead costs down. Our range can be found hard at work in mechanics’ garages and auto body shops, manufacturing facilities, food & beverage, agriculture, theme parks, energy exploration operations, universities, dental offices, and more….

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Alpha full range group

Air Filtration

The Basics of Air Treatment Take control of your Air Quality. Compressed Air is a utility, similar to Electricity and Natural Gas, except that it is produced On-Site. Air is treated to remove 10 contaminants, from 4 different sources. Some of these are oil, water, particulate, dirt, micro-organisms, rust, and pipe scale.

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Air Quality Testing

Air Quality Testing

Compressed air manufacturers must test for contaminants to ensure the best-quality products. Some of the contaminants that are present in compressed air include gases, microorganisms, oil, particles, and water. When these particles remain in the compressed air, they can make their way into the final product and contaminate it. Compressed air testing is simply a standardized test that can be used to analyze the quality of the air and detect any contaminants.

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We specialise in Compressed Air Quality Testing for
Breathing Air purposes across all industries.
Melbourne based.
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